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Thermostat Test Chambers – NEMA Standard

Home thermostat testing requires a very tightly controlled temperature chamber that can ramp temperatures accurately and repeatedly. Vidac’s systems provide tighter temperature control than the NEMA specifications call for. Vidac has provided several chambers that provide the tightly controlled laminar airflow conditions as that control temperature to within 0.05°F of the constantly ramping setpoint. Full trending and data reporting is included.

Standard System:

  • Temperature range: 40-95°F at +/- 0.05°F

Extended System:

  • Temperature range: 0-200°F at +/- 0.05°F
  • Built-in Airflow sensor at product

Common Features:

  • Ramp rates from 1-12°F per hour
  • Laminar airflow over the product
  • Touchscreen control
  • Yokogawa multi-loop temperature controller with RTD feedback at product
  • LabView Test Program
  • Settable test voltage (0-24 VAC standard, 0-140 VAC available)
  • Individual loads for each thermostat control (heat, cool, heat-pump, fan, etc…), individually settable to 0-2 Amps each
  • Ability to test line voltage (120-280 VAC) thermostats with high current external load taps
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