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Other Electrical Tester Examples

More Electrical Tester Examples

  • High Current Busswork Design: Several 8,000 Amp + systems installed and running trouble-free
  • High Voltage Busswork/Ground Plane Design: Very low Corona / PD designs with proper star-ground topology for very accurate PD testing
  • Arming Pin Function Tester: A stand-alone tester that individually test pins on a bomb arming mechanism for proper size, 4-wire resistance and arrangement
  • Appliance Testers: We have built several machines for life cycle testing of appliance push buttons, levers and proximity sensors
  • These machines are capable of high cyclic rates and can give precise mode and cycle of failure reports
  • Production Hipot/Corona Test: Fast cycle High-Voltage testing of large volume products in the vacuum switch industry.
  • Capacitor Testers: We have built several capacitor test systems to perform both life cycle and environmental testing of capacitors as well as to verify proper electrical characteristics during production
  • Aviation Wing Heater Tester: Several testers built that provide SCR control for up to 48 heater circuits each, while monitoring temperature distribution during environmental testing.

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