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Integrated Instrument Packaging

Fabrication Services

Vidac Solutions is a full service system integrator with the knowledge and expertise required to provide well-engineered, cost effective solutions for your application.

Fabrication Services:

  • Motor Drive Panels
  • PLC Control Panels
  • Operator Interface Panels
  • Marshalling Panels
  • Analytical Instrument Panels
  • Instrument Configuration & Calibration
  • Automated Test Systems
  • Process Skids
  • Piping/Tubing
  • Field Start-Up

Vidac Solutions is ready to fulfill your fabrication needs and even partner with you to assist with providing a successful turnkey solution for your customer.

Vidac Solutions is also extremely capable of taking your test equipment and consolidating it into one, automated tester. This greatly reduces test time and increases efficiency. With our software and data acquisition capabilities, we are also able to incorporate all the test readings into one easy to read and store on a database of your choosing.

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