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Life Cycle Machines

Life Cycle Machines

In addition to standard R&D type testing, many products need to be tested to verify that they will survive and operate as expected during their entire intended lifetime.

Depending on the type of device, in order to properly life cycle test it, one of the following conditions must be created or simulated:

  • High temperature atmosphere or liquid media
  • High pressure supply gas pulses
  • Mechanical button-pressing to millions of cycles
  • Mechanical door or slide actuation to millions of cycles
  • Relay testing with inrush/running loads
  • Motor testing with shaft loads
  • Capacitor testing with inrush/running loads
  • Heat-run testing of wire connectors or panel systems
  • Unique feedback of product operation via Can-bus, Modbus, I²C, “climate” networks, HART, etc…

This is where Vidac Solutions can step up to create a life cyle tester that not only tests the intended functions, but operates in a completely safe manner, is easy to operate and retrieve data from and even looks good sitting in your laboratory.

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