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Lighting Testers

Arc/LED Lighting Testers

This system is a modern replacement for an obsolete product tester. This tester Hipots the lamp under test, checks for proper operation at the required voltage and also detects short circuit operation and the 5KV ignitor pulse signal. This tester allows for quick calibration to permit traceable/repeatable results and store the test results for product tracking.

This fully automated tester runs through a complete functional test while the operator is assembling the next lamp fixture to be tested.

System Specifications:

  • 0-600 VAC output voltage
  • National Instruments LabView: Test control and database storage
  • National Instruments USB Data Acquisition Board: I/O
  • Associated Research Hipot System: AC or DC Hipot, up to 5KV
  • Pacific Power: Programmable AC output voltage
  • Custom Circuit Board: Hipot isolation, AC signal conditioning and ARC ignitor pulse detection
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