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Dry Gas Seal Testers

Dry Gas Seal Testers

This system is designed to evaluate dry gas compressor seals and it automates the 4-6 hour testing that is performed on each set of seals.

Vidac high pressure testers include a full complement of support equipment. We have integrated the actual high pressure controls, valving and instrumentation into a control system that provides tightly controlled pressure and speed regulation. We also provide a test control system that is fully configurable to run multiple types and sizes of seals and can run any pre-configured test with a level of repeatability that allows test to be started on one rig, finished on another rig and reviewed and reported on a third rig.

These test systems require extensive PLC programming for test sequencing and process control. The HMI system allows for full monitoring as well as test setup, data storage and reporting. We use database storage for test setup and result storage, plus important seal data is recorded for analog playback at 1-second resolution. We provide commonality across several generations of testers, so that system operation is consistent regardless of PLC, instrument or HMI software version.

Some system highlights:

  • Inlet Pressure: 1,000 BAR Helium, Nitrogen, Air, 50/50 He/Air mix or any other gas required
  • Outlet Pressure: Up to 900 BAR (system dependent). Initially boosted by PID controlled air driven gas boosters, then regulated down to the required test step pressure via Tescom electronic regulators.
  • Speed control: 0-60,000 RPM (system dependent)
  • Dual-range pressure control on up to three lines for tight pressure regulation all the way down to 0.1 BAR
  • Dual back-pressure loops to control exhaust flow from the seal under test
  • Ethernet drive control and system communications
  • Self correcting to +/- 0.1 BAR and +/- 1 RPM or better
  • Leakage detection via Alicat and MicroMotion (Coriolis) flow meters
  • Pressure detection via Yokogawa EJX or Wika UT transmitters
  • Fully automated product heating and cooling loops, depending on the test requirements on a step-by-step basis
  • Allen-Bradley Control Logix PLC control
  • Wonderware InTouch HMI with Active Factory Historian trending
  • Centralized (virtual) SQL Database
  • Wonderware Suite Voyager for remote witness viewing via the web
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