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Water Heater Valve Testers


Water heater thermostat testing is another example of very tightly controlled temerature requirements in testing. Vidac has made several water heater thermostat test systems ranging from simple life cycle testers to full production verification and certification testers. As with all of our test systems, all the system information is displayed clearly on the screen so that any operator can determine the test status with just a glance.

Life Cycle Tester Highlights:

  • Temperature range: 50-190°F
  • Ramp rates from 50-100°F per minute
  • Monitor valve outlet pressure for leakage and on/off verification
  • Monitor ECO (electronic cut-out) for proper operation
  • Displays fault conditions and cycle
  • Several systems also control elevated ambient temperature for the valve body
  • Wonderware InTouch HMI
  • Allen-Bradley PLC Control


Certification / Development Tester Highlights:

  • Temperature range: 35-210°F at +/- 0.05°F
  • Ramp rates from 0.1-3.0°F per minute
  • Temperature accuracy of 0.05°F from setpoint
  • Laminar water flow over the product 
  • Full stainless steel construction (wet parts)
  • Insulated tanks and piping to avoid sweating and to keep the test isolated from room conditions
  • Monitor valve outlet pressure for leakage, on/off verification and regulation
  • Monitor ECO (electronic cut-out) for proper operation
  • Wonderware InTouch HMI
  • Microsoft Access Database
  • Allen-Bradley PLC Control with Yokogawa MW analog I/O
  • Programmable test pressure 
  • Programmable test flow rate
  • Full reporting with trending