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More Process Tester Examples:

  • Explosion-Proof Enclosure Tester: This design produces an explosive gas/aerosol mixture that is introduced into the test device and ignited to determine if the flame can be quenched without escaping the enclosure. Accelerometers are used to determine product stresses.
  • Aerospace Temperature Chamber Control Network: Upgraded heat/cool controls on 24 thermal chambers at a local aerospace manufacturer. These were networked to a centralized scheduling and data-acquisition system along with up to 30 thermocouple/RTD inputs per chamber to allow detailed product temperature profiling as it moves throughout the building.
  • Appliance Valve Testers: We have built several systems that cycle appliance valves and flowmeters to assure proper operation during their life cycle. Systems include, programmable inlet pressure, programmable cycle rates, flow pulse counting and comparison with calibrated magnetic flowmeters.
  • Sprinkler Dispersion Tester: Measures flow, spray pattern and flow distribution per foot of floor space.

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