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High Pressure Compressors


Our customer needed to add very high pressure air compressors into their facility, but needed more automation and customization than was available from the compressor suppliers. Vidac stepped in and modified a pair of very high quality commercial compressors to permit water cooling of all four stages, slow startup/shutdown, automatic setpoint control and true lead/lag control with variable fill rates. We were also able to get these to fit into a very tight corner of a compressor room while still maintaining the required distances in front of each electrical panel.

Some system highlights:

  • Compressor System: High Quality Sauer compressors with 4 individual stages each.
  • Water Cooled: Each stage has been modified to permit water cooling in addition to the inherent air/fan cooling of the compressor. Water control cools the inter-stage gas temperature so that when it makes it to the air-to-air heat exchanger, then no heat will be left to be rejected into the room. 
  • VFD Control: Each compressor was fitted with a VFD to permit slow startup and shutdown and to allow the compresors to run for longer periods of time at  lower speed during times of moderate usage. This allows for less gas to be used during blow-down / unloading and keeps the compressors from constant cycling.
  • Complete Redundancy: Only one compressor is intended to run at a time unless demand calls for the second unit to join in.
  • Air Prep Equipment: Both compressors feed into overhead storage tanks (to save space) through a multi-stage filter, coalescer and oil mist separator which in-turn cascade feeds secondary storage tanks through an automated air drier unit. System outlet pressure is regulated through a high flow regulator.