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Dry Gas Seal Recovery System


Designed by Vidac Solutions to scavenge the leakage gas from a dry gas compressor seal, this system not only collects the gas, but re-compresses it and separates the valuable Helium from it for re-compression and re-use by other testers at the customers facility.

This system consist of a small booster compressor in each of four test rooms. These booster compressors collect gas leaking from a dry gas seal test system without causing any backpressure or suction that would negatively affect the performance of the seals under test. This mildly compressed gas is then compressed again using a VFD driven 4-stage dry air compressor to a high enough pressure to be processed through a helium/hydrogen gas separation module. The separated helium is then re-injected into the customers helium mixing system to be re-used for testing.

Adding this system recycles and saves more than 100,000 cubic foot of helium per year.

Some system highlights:

  • Scavenge Compressor System: Maintains suction pressure between 0.015 BAR (vacuum) and 0.200 BAR (positive) at the seal exit.
  • Main Compressor: Four-stage dry-air, oil-free compressor.
  • Water Cooled: The main compressor has been modified to permit water cooling of all compressed gas between stages. This water cooling is also used to pre-heat the compressed gas before entry into the gas separator unit.
  • Automatic Control: All parameters are available from a touchscreen on the main compressor skid, but all operation is 100% automatic based on the information fed to it by the individual dry gas seal tester PLCs. Only high pressure helium and helium/air are collected, air and nitrogen test are not collected.
  • Comprehensive Gas Collection: Not only is the dry gas seal leakage collected, but also the regulator vent gas and high pressure test gas left in the lines after an automatic test.