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Product Test Automation


Our core business is helping our clients develop the proper test solution to not only verify the product is working as designed, but to perform that test in the quickest possible manner to increase test throughout and line production. 

Tired of paying those tech support contracts? When you choose Vidac Solutions for your test equipment, you own the code. While we appreciate the support business and provide a warranty for all of our work, we know how important project ownership is to our customers. When we finish startup, we turn the code and drawings over to you. Should you need to make a change, it can be done quickly by your equipment maintenance group or another integrator.


  • Custom-Designed Automated Test Systems

Reduce time to market by automating your higher volume product testing. Retain your existing high dollar capital equipment and add cutting edge HMI, control, data acquisition and automated reporting. Vidac Solutions has extensive experience in the automation of test equipment. By automating their testing procedures and data acquisition, our clients can achieve consistent and accurate results.

  • UL/CSA Specification Testing

We assist our customers in the set up and configuration of product test labs. We also have the ability to assist in upgrading an existing facility. These systems help our customers save both time and money throughout the testing and approval cycle. We work closely with our customers and certification representatives throughout the configuration and approval of our lab systems. 

  • Custom Fixture Manufacturing

We help our customers in the configuration of R&D and Life Cycle testing. The development of new and existing products requires different types of testing at the engineering level. Vidac Solutions is capable of configuring a system to meet your testing requirements.