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Integration Examples

  • Bell-Furnace Control Upgrades: Programmable multi-zone temperature batching system to assure even product heating and accurate temperature soaking of racing clutch assemblies.
  • Nuclear Plant Redundancy Refurbishment: Created a PLC based redundant system to capture and locally display jet pump flow rates and then re-transmit the latest numbers on redundant cables to the displays in the control room.
  • DCS Replacement: Installed several Yokogawa DCS systems as well as added nodes to existing Emerson Delta-V systems.
  • DCS Batching Upgrades: Added batching controls to existing DCS installations.
  • MSA Modbus Alarming: Use a PLC to read the alarm information from MSA gas detectors and retransmit them to a centralized DCS system.
  • Onsite PLC Development: Thousands of hours have been spent at such customer facilities as: Steel Mills, Wastewater Plants, Power Plants, etc... adding PLC and HMI changes for various systems.