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Information Technology


Vidac Solutions' staff of software developers can offer a variety of solutions for your programming and data acquisition needs ranging from fundamental database applications utilizing Access, Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server to full web-enabled data management systems.

We have the experience required to setup and configure TCP/IP based networks, including redundant LAN systems for critical data and wireless Ethernet radios to harvest data from those distant I/O sources. We are capable of providing server solutions and are proficient at building strong, redundant hardware systems for use in our test equipment or to be housed in an IT rack elsewhere in the building.

With modern distributed control systems such as Wonderware Application Server, DCS or Control Logix installations, the network has become an integral part of many installations.

Part of our Skill Set:

  • Redundant Ethernet networks (Port Trunking, Ring or Star Topology)
  • Redundant Server Hardware solutions (RAID 5/6/10)
  • Active Directory Integration
  • SQL Server and Oracle Database Installation and Configuration
  • Ethernet over Radio
  • Ethernet over Power Line
  • Network cameras
  • Control Net, Device Net, CAN Buss and Profi-Bus systems