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Power Supplies


If you are having a difficult time finding an off-the-shelf power supply for your testing or production needs, Vidac Solutions can help. We have the high voltage / high current control experience to provide an accurate, trouble free power supply that will meet your needs for many years.

Some examples of what we have provided:

  • Single Phase 0-280 VAC regulated supply with remote setpoint and integral power meter. Used for HVAC testing.
  • Multi-bay linear DC supply with remote setpoint and monitoring. On-the-fly switching from series to parallel operaton for quick change-over. Used for Aerospace flight computer control testing.
  • High Current AC Power Supplies to provide up to 6000 Amps of regulated current. Used for UL Certification Testing at a compression lug manufacturer.
  • Portable AC power supplies to provide up to 400 Amps of regulated current. Used for UL Certification Testing of wire nuts.
  • Three Phase 240-600 VAC regulated supply with up to 100 Amp output (range dependent). Used for capacitor testing.
  • Three Phase 240 VAC regulated supply with 24 individually controlled SCR outputs. Several of these were used for heater testing in Aerospace applications.
  • Dozens of other custom supplies that were built into our electrical test systems.