Partial Discharge Tester (Wet Type)


This Partial Discharge tester allows for increased production throughout by testing multiple parts at one time.

Vidac Solutions was able to build a tester that could Hipot two parts simultaneously and then perform the Partial Discharge testing one part at a time. It is critically important to keep the busswork noise-free and eliminate cross talk between the two high voltage systems. The product in this tester is tested in a dielectric bath because it is used in an SF6 enclosure and is not capable of withstanding the voltage in free air. As with other PD test chambers, this product test is very susceptible to electronic and RF noise and a proper corona-free properly isolated test chamber is required.

Some system highlights:

  • 100KV AC Output @ 40mA
  • Background at 95KV < 2.5pC discharge
  • Fully isolated with separate safety ground circuit
  • Fully electrically shielded enclosure
  • Automatic doors with light curtain safety
  • Stainless Steel dielectric tank with pump, filters and automatic valving
  • Test mounts move electrically to allow multiple part sizes to be tested.
  • LabView test/database control
  • Allen-Bradley SLC safety control