Partial Discharge Tester (Dry Type)


Partial Discharge testing is a way of detecting voids or imperfections in insulators that would lead to overheating and breakdown under normal operating conditions. Due to the nature of the signal being measured, this test is very susceptible to electronic and RF noise and a proper corona-free properly isolated test chamber is required.

Vidac Solutions provides automated Partial Discharge Test systems to perform this difficult test. We provide full design services for the mechanical enclosure, product handling fixtures, safety systems and High Voltage busswork. We also provide full electrical design, PLC programming and LabView test control programming.

  • 100KV AC Output @ 400mA
  • Background at 70KV < 3pC Discharge
  • Fully isolated with separate safety ground circuit
  • Fully electrically shielded enclosure
  • Automatic doors with light curtain safety
  • Four Axis part manipulator with X-Y-Z axis plus 360 degree + rotation All axis are proportionally controlled via joystick
  • Automatic part loading and unloading
  • LabView test/database control
  • Allen-Bradley SLC safety control