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Motor/Generator Testers


Appliance motors are always evolving. A customer needed several fully automated testers for use at their offshore manufacturing facilities. Of course, test time was of paramount importance because of the high production volume on these product lines.

Vidac provided two versions of these motor testers, both of which were fully automated and could complete the functional test in minimal time.

Dishwasher Motor System Specifications:

  • National Instruments LabView: Test control and database storage
  • National Instruments USB Data Acquisition Board: I/O
  • Communications Buss: Control and Feedback from Test Motor
  • Tachometer: Motor feedback for comparison with Buss signal (0-20K RPM)

Pool Pump System Specifications:

  • Associated Research Hipot System: AC or DC Hipot, up to 5KV
  • Custom Circuit Board: Hipot isolation
  • National Instruments LabView: Test control and database storage
  • Electronic Dyno: Provide the specified pump curve load to the motor for power quality measurements and verification of the built-in safety circuits