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Fluorescent Ballast Testers


The Vidac lighting ballast tester performs 100% functional tests on a variety of finished ballast boards before being assembled into the package for market.

This system provided a fully modular tester that can test several styles of boards, up to four at a time. Several circuit board beds and load modules can be swapped out in under a minute for rapid line change outs. The system detects which modules are present so that improper testing is not possible. All performance characteristics of the product are evaluated in the fastest possible manner allowing the operator to load two boards while the other two are under test.

System Specifications:

  • National Instruments LabView: Instrument control and database storage
  • Allen-Bradley Compact Logix: Test sequencing, loading and safety
  • Yokogawa WT3000 Power Analyzers: High accuracy power measurements
  • Five product test beds featuring Everett-Charles receivers, power and signal blocks for quick product changeout
  • Four load module ranges with load current configured by the PLC
  • Motorized Rheostat module to determine the maximum power rating of each DUT