Current Transformer Comparator


Vidac Solutions recently delivered a 0-6,000 Amp Current Comparator for use as a final test at a CT manufacturer.

Designed in 3D, this custom unit fills the gap between the comparator manufacturers and the production floor. Vidac Solutions does not manufacture CT Comparators, but this unit (and others like it) are used to provide the complex high-current switching, buss-work, source current supply into an enclosure that fits into the production line and provides a safe, ergonomic and easy to use machine for the operators.

  • 0-10 VAC
  • 0-10,000 Amp Supply
  • 0-7,000 Amp Measuring Range (plus 50% over-range)
  • Fully isolated high current section
  • Automatic CT Detection (to avoid open secondary windings)
  • Automatic Burden switching
  • Light curtain safety
  • Simple, 4 Button operation
  • Touch-Panel for Engineering and Maintenance Functions
  • Allen-Bradley Compact Logix safety and control
  • Pacific Power variable power supply with variable frequency control